How Often Should You Turn Over Couch Cushions?

Alexis Lawrence

When it comes to cleaning, some objects in your home prove more difficult than others. Since some couch cushion covers cannot be removed, you cannot throw them into the washing machine as you do with curtains and/or bathroom mats. Instead, you must keep couches clean by manipulation, including the turning over of the cushions.

Why Turn Over Couch Cushions

Many couch cushions are flipped for freshness.

When couch cushions remain in the same position over a long period of time, they gather dust from the air vents in your home or from outdoors. The cushions can also develop indentations from the pressure of people sitting on them, much like the indentations that develop in a mattress. Turning cushions regularly prevents too much dust from accumulating and helps prevent permanent indentations from forming.

How Often

The frequency with which you turn over couch cushions depends upon your home, the amount of dust and your comfort when on the couch. Turn couch cushions over when you notice dust on the cushions, smell dust when you sit on the couch, or if you can feel lumps in the cushions. If you notice none of these things, flip cushions once every week to once every month to keep them fresh.

Airing Out and Dusting Cushions

When you turn over the couch cushions, take the opportunity to clean them. If you live in an area that has high humidity, leave the couch cushions off of the couch for a few hours, so that they can dry out. If the cushions have removable covers, take the covers off and follow the instructions on the care tag to clean them. Dust cushions by beating them with your hands or a ruler. You might be surprised at the amount of dust caught inside.

Cushions That Cannot Be Flipped

Not all couch designs lend to easy flipping of the cushions. If the cushions on your couch are sewn in, check along the back of the cushions for a zipper. Sometimes, the cushion coverings unzip, allowing the cushions to be removed from the backside for airing out. The cushions then can be flipped before returning to the couch. If you cannot remove the cushions at all, you can still clean the cushion coverings as you clean the rest of the couch, which can be done by brushing with an upholstery brush or by vacuuming with the soft-bristled vacuum attachment.