Tips For Painting Techniques to Make Furniture Have the Old Country Look

For some people, a distressed and "old" look is much preferred to modern and sleek furniture.


Create a distressed-paint look to give your home an old-country feel.Create a distressed-paint look to give your home an old-country feel.
But you do not have to purchase old furniture and cabinets to achieve this style. Use decorative paint techniques to distress your items and make them look more in keeping with your favorite decor style. There are several options for personalizing wooden furniture.

"Frottage" is a technique that is commonly used on walls to give them an old look. For this technique, give the wall two coats of paint in the color of your choice and allow it to dry completely. Next, use a glaze made of one part each paint thinner and kerosene and two parts each oil paint and oil paint glazing medium. Crumple newspaper, plastic bags, glossy magazine pages or even cloth and use them to transfer the glaze to the walls. This gives the walls texture and makes them look like they were painted years earlier.

Stone Faux Finish

Another way to make a room look like it is right out of the "old country" is to use paint to make one wall look as though it is made of stone, rather than drywall or plaster. Paint your wall in a solid color that matches a type of stone's base color. Mix together one part latex paint and two parts latex gloss and apply it to the walls using a twisted cloth or a piece of crumpled paper. After the gloss has dried, use a small brush to paint block shapes onto the wall to make it look like blocks of stone.


A common painting technique used on furniture is "crackle." This look makes the piece seem aged, as though it has been painted several times over. For this technique, paint the piece in a solid color. This color is what shows through the crackles and streaks but is not the main color of the piece. Apply crackle medium in the color that you would like to be the main color of the piece. As the crackle glaze dries, the base color shows through.


You can also "distress" the piece of furniture to make it look older. Use chains to beat the piece of furniture, resulting in scrapes and dents. A screwdriver can also work to make larger scrapes. You can do this after you have already painted the piece so that the chain or screwdriver removes some of the paint and makes the piece look even older.