The Best Carpet for Bedrooms

There are many carpet styles available and a few of them will work well for bedrooms. But there is more to consider than just the carpet style when choosing the best carpet for a bedroom. Other things to consider include color scheme, carpet performance (quality) and your budget. Putting all of these decisions together will reveal the perfect carpet for your situation -- a completely customized product that your family will enjoy for years to come.

An Array of Carpet Styles

Consider foot traffic, color scheme and overall design aesthetics when choosing carpet.

There are four carpet styles that work great for bedrooms: textured, frieze, cable and cut and loop. These are cut pile carpets that are constructed using different techniques to come up with different end-product characteristics. Textured carpet is made of yarns that are twisted alternately to produce a two-toned facade. Textured carpets do not show footprints -- otherwise known as traffic patterns -- and vacuum cleaner marks. Frieze is another cut pile carpet in which each carpet fiber is severely twisted to the point that each strand twists over itself. This carpet style also has a somewhat textured appearance that is durable and performs well. Frieze carpet is available in a wide range of pile depths, meaning the carpet strands can be very short to very long. Cable carpet is made out of yarn that is thicker and longer than the others. It is a very soft and comfortable style that feels good underfoot. Cut and loop carpet is a blending of looped fibers and cut pile fibers that are combined to create patterns in the carpet. They are low-profile carpets, perform well and remain fashionable for a long time.

Color Scheme Considerations

Some people believe that you have to choose a carpet color that is lighter than the walls; others believe the color has to be darker than the walls. The truth of the situation is that the color should be one that you like and that goes well with the color scheme that exists currently in the room. The best thing to do when choosing a carpet color is to pick a few colors and obtain samples so you can look at them at home. Place the color samples on the floor in the bedrooms they will be used in and look at the colors at different times of day. When you find a carpet color in the desired style that looks good all day long, you know you have a winner.

Take Into Account Carpet Performance

Carpet is produced in multiple performance levels. For example, home improvement stores sell carpet in three different quality levels: Select, Deluxe, and Premium. These are also referred to as warranty levels. The better the carpet, the better the warranty coverage. Warranty coverage ranges from five to 15 years and will include a combination of wear, stain, soil and texture retention specifications.

Fitting A Budget

Everyone has a budget in mind when replacing carpet or installing it for the first time. It is difficult to determine a budget when you have no idea how much carpet costs. The first thing to do is find out how much carpet you will need by taking measurements in the bedrooms where the carpet will be installed. Then go shopping. Shop around at various flooring stores and look for the best deals. Installation prices will vary. Look at the carpet pad options available wherever you look at carpet because you will want the best pad you can afford. Thicker, heavier carpet pad feels better underfoot and will help that carpet last longer. Add the cost of pad to the price of the carpet to get an accurate price estimate.

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