The Best Carpet Shampooers & Extractors

Carpet shampooers work by spraying solution and scrubbing it into your carpet with a spinning or rotating apparatus.


Extractors also spray solution on to your carpet, but utilize a suction device to pull the dirty fluid back up. According to Vacuum. LifeTips. com, many carpet-cleaning devices today utilize both shampooing and extracting technologies. The companies Bissell, Hoover, Royal and Sanitaire manufacture some of the best carpet shampooers and extractors on the market. .

Bissell is perhaps most well known in the world of carpet cleaning for its “Little Green” line of hand-held shampooers/extractors. According to Air-n-Water.com, these machines are green both in color and in their construction, as they are made primarily from recycled parts.

The Bissell 14251 Little Green ProHeat TurboBrush comes with a three-amp motor, a built-in water heater and the ability to simultaneously spray and provide suction. For slightly less the cost, you could also try the 14007 Green Little Green, which provides 2.75 amps of power. Bissell also makes standard, upright shampooers/extractors such as the 2080 QuickSteamer PowerBrush and the 9400M PROheat 2X Select. You can see what other shampooers and extractors Bissell has to offer at Bissell.com.


According to Air-n-Water.com, the F5914900 Hoover SteamVac is one of the best shampooers for the value. The machine uses steam to penetrate carpeting and lift out stains, and comes equipped with attachments you can use to clean hard-to-reach places.

You could upgrade to the F7452900 SteamVac All Terrain, which features heated cleaning and the ability to clean both hard floors and carpeted floors. For more information, check out Hoover.com.


The Royal MRY7910 Procision Extractor comes equipped with two suction nozzles, a 32-foot electrical chord, and separate water and shampoo tank compartments. According to Air-n-Water.com, the separate compartments allow the machine to mix and dispense the shampoo and water in the proper amounts, providing optimal cleaning.

A slightly less powerful and less expensive Royal model is the MRY7600 Lightweight Extractor which, as the name suggests, is easy to maneuver. You can look at other Royal shampooers and extractors at RoyalVacuums.com.


Sanitaire shampooers/extractors are most commonly used for commercial purposes, and are designed for cleaning large floor surfaces, such as those found in hospitals and schools. According to CleanItSupply.com, the Model SC6080 features a 9-gallon solution/extraction tank and a 150 pound-per-square-inch (PSI) pump.

A less expensive and more portable alternative is the SC6070, which has a 1.5-gallon tank and a 55-PSI pump, according to air-n-water.com. For more information on Sanitaire products, visit SanitaireVac.com.

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