Types of Industrial Paint

Household paints serve a decorative purpose, while the main purpose of industrial paints is to protect steel and concrete, prevent corrosion, and even aid with equipment mobility. Industrial paints are used in a variety of commercial settings, including automotive factories, construction sites, and even prisons.


Industrial paints can be applied in the same ways that household paints are.

Phosphate industrial paints act as primers.  You apply them before other types of industrial paints to increase corrosion protection and keep sliding parts properly moving.


Intumescent paints are fire retardants.  When applied to steel beams, intumescent paints create a barrier that prevents fires from spreading.

This makes them useful in many manufacturing settings. 


Fluoropolymer industrial paints are applied to fasteners, so they're naturally non-sticking and resistant to friction.  They're also resistant against corrosion, abrasion and chemicals.


Perhaps you've already used polyurethane in your home.  You can use it on wood furnishing or even certain types of floors.

It provides a hard, glossy finish that's resistant to corrosion and chemical exposure. 

Thermal Epoxy

Thermal epoxy paints are ideal if you need resistance to abrasion.  They also protect against corrosion from harsh chemicals.

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