Types of Shower Heads

Let's face it---almost everyone has experienced a horrible shower that either had a painful, harsh spray or had such low water pressure that it took days to finally rinse out the remaining hair conditioner. One of the best luxuries you can provide for yourself is to replace an old, terrible shower head with a new one that makes bathing efficient and pleasurable. Many different types are available to choose from depending on your budget.

Stationary Shower Heads

Many different types of shower heads are available.

Stationary shower heads, also called fixed-head shower heads, are typically recessed into the shower wall, creating a streamlined look. These types of shower heads are ideal for shower-only bathing areas. Many price ranges and brands of these types of shower heads are available. Some include adjustable spray settings and massage features. One common type of this kind of shower head is the rain shower head. It usually has a larger shower head than standard shower heads and discharges a large volume of water. Before you purchase this type of shower head, however, make sure your shower valve is capable of large volumes of water. Adjustable stationary shower heads usually feature several water spray options, including jet and champagne sprays. Jet settings typically feature a sharp spray, while champagne sprays feel gentle.

Handheld Shower Heads

Handheld shower heads are typically attached to a flexible hose or tube and clipped to a wall-mounted hanger, swivel or bar. The flexible hose is usually screwed onto the shower arm, which you can adjust to move up and down. These types of shower heads are perfect for shower-bathtub combinations and allow the user to direct the water spray to any part of the body. Many types and price ranges of this type of shower head are available. Most have massaging features, which are good for tired, aching shoulders and backs. Handheld shower heads are usually more expensive than stationary shower heads, but they are often more energy efficient. The water typically travels a shorter distance from the shower head and the body and has less cooling time in the air, which allows the user to use a slightly lower water temperature.

Luxurious Shower Heads

If price is no object and you're designing your dream bathroom, consider installing some top-of-the-line luxury shower heads. They include dual-head shower heads, which provide direct sprays to the head and body at the same time, as well as multi-shower heads, which are composed of shower heads on each wall of the shower. Other luxurious shower heads, such as waterfalls and overhead shower heads, feature high-volume water sprays as well as aesthetic designs.

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