Ways to Store Nuts, Bolts & Screws

Small hardware items such as nuts, bolts and screws have a tendency to get lost or get in the way if not organized properly.

Fishing Tackle Box

Many helpful options exist for organizing small hardware items such as screws.
Numerous options are available, however, for organizing small hardware items for each individual need, and at a variety of pricing options. .

Fishing enthusiasts require a supply of small materials such as flies, hooks and lures, and the same organizational tools fishermen use comprise ideal organizers for screws, nuts and bolts, and they come in a variety of sizes. For instance, for people with a need to organize small amounts of these hardware items, tackle boxes as small as 12 inches by nine inches fit the bill and take up little storage space. For those who have a large amount of small hardware items to sort and store, large tackle boxes contain adjustable dividers, allowing the user to design the space however he'd like.

Craft Storage Bins

Crafters frequently need storage remedies for small notions and supplies used in their arts. For instance, jewelry makers often need storage suitable for organizing beads and spacers, and these storage bins are also ideal for organizing nuts, bolts and screws. Craft storage cabinets include several small trays that work like drawers, and these cabinets come in a variety of sizes appropriate for use on top of a desk or work area. The drawers typically are made of clear plastic, allowing the user to easily see the contents without having to search through each drawer to find the desired object.

Household Items

Creative individuals may find satisfaction and financial savings by utilizing household items for their small-hardware storage needs. Items such as empty egg cartons and muffin baking tins work well, as do ice cube trays, which have the the advantage of being stackable. Spice racks also work well in organizing screws and similar items. After washing and soaking to remove labels, the jars can be labeled with a black marker, or you can add new labels with a label maker. Having screw-on lids makes things even more convenient. For households with large amounts of screws, nuts and bolts to sort and store, clear plastic containers may prove a perfect option. These items are available at grocery stores and come in several sizes. Having snap-on lids prevents the contents from spilling and scattering should the container be accidentally tipped over.

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