Household Measuring Tools

Measuring tools are used for almost every kind of household project that requires other items found in your toolbox, kitchen drawer or garage pegboard. In a very realistic way, the tools used for measuring are the most important you can own. If your measurements are not precise, the most expensive power tools, saws, pliers or screwdriver sets will essentially count for nothing.

Tape Measure

The tape measure is still around in many households, but may no longer be the primary measuring tool.

A tape measure is often the go-to measuring tool in most households when the need arises to find the distance between two points. The most versatile tape measure will unreel to between 12 and 25 feet, can be locked and is spring-loaded to allow quick and efficient retraction into its case.

Digital and Laser Measuring Tools

Digital measuring tools and laser measuring tools have replaced the old-fashioned tape measure in some households. These tools are very useful for computing linear dimensions into volume measurements. This allows for much more precise estimates for things like wallpaper, paint and flooring material.

Combination Square

The combination square is much more versatile than the tape measure, but can't measure long distances. A combination square is very similar to a try square but differs by virtue of having a calibrated sliding rule that allows it to measure any length up to a foot. This means the combination square is more useful for measuring depth than a try square. It also has a spirit level that allows you to check the straightness of both vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Scales are common household tools for measuring weight. A bathroom scale can measure a person's weight, and more sophisticated scales can provide information on things like the amount of fat and muscle a body has. Kitchen scales can be used to measure the weight of individual ingredients or an entire dish.

Volume Measuring Tools

Volume measurements are also a common necessity in the kitchen. The measuring tools found in households to measure volume have been used in one form or another for years. These tools include measuring cups, measuring spoons and even ladles.

Fever Thermometer

Thermometers are found in households around the world as a way to quickly measure temperature. Old-fashioned glass thermometers, which you had to hold beneath your tongue without making contact with your teeth, have been replaced in many homes with digital thermometers that are stuck in the ear.

Meat Thermometer

Another type of thermometer found in the home is the kitchen thermometer, which measures the interior temperature of food as it is cooking. This tool ensures food safety by letting you know that the interior temperature of meat has reached a point where bacteria have been effectively killed, thus making the food safe for consumption.

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