What Are the Benefits of a Plush Mattress?

Getting a good night's sleep is important for all aspects of life.


Get a good night's sleep with a plush mattress.Get a good night's sleep with a plush mattress.
Choosing the right type of mattress is important for having the comfort level you desire and for feeling well rested when you wake up in the morning. With all the choices of mattress types on the market--from firm, to plush, to pillow-top--it can be hard to find the right one for you. A plush mattress is one to consider for many types of sleepers because of its benefits.

Plush mattresses not only are durable but provide ultimate comfort. According to the Plush Mattress website, people who have slept on plush mattresses say there is no comparison in comfort to a regular mattress and that sleeping on a plush mattress makes them feel more refreshed and well rested after waking. The comfort of a plush mattress comes from the softer material used in the padding and the ability of the mattress to conform to your body.


Because the plush mattress is a cross between a firm and a pillow top mattress, it is still firm enough to support your body without the rigid structure of a firm mattress yet is soft enough to conform to your body shape. This can be beneficial especially for side-sleepers, according to the Dr. Lynn Kerew Chiropractic website, because the plush bedding will cradle your body and disperse the weight.

Back Support

According to the US Mattress website, many consumers mistakenly think a firmer mattress will provide better support for their back than a plush mattress. This is false because manufacturers use the exact same innerspring in the plush, firm and pillow top mattresses. The plush mattress will offer the same support as a firm mattress.

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