Problems With a KitchenAid Microwave

KitchenAid is a popular household appliance brand.

Fire Hazard

People have complained about problems with their KitchenAid microwaves.People have complained about problems with their KitchenAid microwaves.
They make everything from refrigerators to coffee makers. Many people make the decision to purchase a KitchenAid microwave. While many end up happy with their purchase, many also report problems with the product. These problems include malfunctions and parts breaking, and consumers say that they receive little support from the company.

According to Consumer Affairs, there have been complaints that the KitchenAid models KHMS155L SS-1 and KHMS155L8S-4 were serious fire hazards. The KHMS155L SS-1 caused an electrical panel fire. The model KHMS155L8S-4 was reported to have turned on by itself and could only be turned off by removing the electrical panel. The unit became extremely hot and customers smelled electrical equipment burning.

Poor Product Quality

People have also complained to the Consumer Affairs organization that their KitchenAid microwave was badly constructed. There were reports that that the vent grill fell off after a few weeks. There were other problems reported, such as the display panel not working properly and error codes appearing even when not in use.

Product Failure Codes

Another problem that has been reported is the appearance of fault codes. The most common one that is reported is the F2 code. This code refers to a keyboard failure on the front button panel. This problem was reported by people who purchased the model number KHMS155LSS-3.

Poor Customer Service

When problems occurred with the various KitchenAid microwave models, many people called the customer service number and were dissatisfied with the company’s response to the problems. One customer reported on Consumer Affairs that KitchenAid was aware of the various problems but did nothing to help find a solution. Another complaint reported that KitchenAid referred them to an authorized repair shop and was quoted a price that cost the same as buying a new microwave. Others felt that they were treated rudely and with disrespect by representatives of the company.

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