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Amish Log Cabins in Minnesota

Cassie Lee

The Amish, mostly known for their secluded and simple way of living, carry on the tradition of their early-American ancestors in building furniture and other wood structures. Classic designs include Shaker, Mission, Queen Anne and cottage, and is an expression of the simplicity and functionality of the Amish way of living.

Amish Country Cabins

Hand-crafted log cabins are made by the Amish.

Amish Country Cabins offers log cabins completely made by the Amish from full native white pine logs. Twelve-inch long hog screws hold each of the 6-inch by 10-inch logs. Cabins have hand peeled edges, are sealed with weather-tight sealant and come treated with fungicide. Natural insulating capability make cabins energy-efficient year round.

Cabins come fully assembled and start at $9,000 for a 12-foot by 20-foot cabin, and can go up to $19,400 for a 24-foot by 30-foot cabin. Extra features can be added to the cabin, including skylights for $400 each or 12-foot kitchen cupboards for $1,900.

Although located in Iowa, Amish Country Cabins delivers to Southeast Minnesota and Wisconsin only.

Amish Country Cabins

3133 Mallary Lane

Holmen, WI 54636

(608) 399-1475


Amish Crafted Log Cabins

At Amish Crafted Log Cabins, cabins are built from the floor up. Amish craftsmen mill logs and saw the lumber into the stock needed for the cabin, then build it with the options the customer picks out. Every single detail is customized to the customer's liking, and for those who choose a larger cabin, the Amish will come to the homeowner's location and build a covered porch, railing and steps.

Cabins start at $18,900 for a 16-foot by 30-foot cabin with an 8-foot by 30-foot side porch. These cabins come with eight windows, a 10-foot loft with railings, kiln-dried 1-inch by 8-inch pine floor boards, and a shingle roof with felt barrier, along with many other options. Additional doors are $125 and window shutters are $30 a pair.

Cabins available in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois only.

Amish Crafted Log Cabins

13299 Spook Cave Road

McGregor, IA 52157

(563) 873-2144


Three Sisters Furnishings

Located in New London, Minnesota, The Three Sisters is a local business that sells fine Amish furniture, home decor and log structures. After years of selling timber from a family farm to the Amish of Central Minnesota, the founder of The Three Sisters commissioned an Amish family to build a log cabin for his wife and three daughters, who in turn loved it so much it led to his family representing the Amish family in their log and timber frame cabin business.

The Three Sisters offers a variety of floor plans and amenities, and pricing is available by request.

Three Sisters Furnishings

2550 Hwy. 9 N.E.

New London, MN 56273

(877) 504-7065