Kitchen Chair Roller Alternatives

Wheel-style casters on a kitchen chair make getting in and out of a place at a kitchen table easy, but the wheels may scuff delicate surfaces.

Teflon or Felt Glides

Kitchen chairs may be fitted with several alternatives to traditinal casters.
Several alternatives are available to replace wheels on kitchen chairs. To remove a caster, place a flat screwdriver head under the wheel mount and pry it away from the base of the chair. Casters are held by tight-fitting friction mounts, and will pull out when sufficient force is applied. .

Friction pads are the least costly solution for replacing casters, and are easy to find and install. Made either from felt pads or from durable and low-friction Teflon, these pads are held on caster mounting spots by adhesive on the back side of the pad. Teflon pads are designed specifically to avoid scratching hardwood floors. In most circumstances, felt pads won't damage floors, either. Traditional, non-Teflon-coated plastic glides aren't as low friction as felt and Teflon alternatives, and may damage floors. Replacing rollers with pads will drop a chair's height approximately 2 inches.

Bell Glides

Bell glides mount into the same fitting from which casters were removed, and they replace rollers with a firm, non-rolling surface. Useful for eliminating casters and keeping chairs stationary around children or seniors, Bell glides are built in different diameters and heights so consumers may closely match the height of the casters that were removed. These fittings are made of plastic, so they can damage hardwood floors if not coupled with Teflon or felt pads.

Woda Glides

Similar to bell glides, Woda glides fit into the caster mounting on the bottom of your chair using the same friction mounting system. Where bell glides' feet are a small diameter, Woda glides' feet are 7 inches around and coated with Teflon. The increased surface area of a Woda glide and the low-friction coating on its bottom allow chairs to easily glide over most surfaces as if the chair were still fitted with casters.

Ball Casters

Ball casters roll on a ball contained within the caster mount. These casters are built of softer plastic that allows for rolling over all surfaces with damaging them.

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