The Best Fabric for Reupholstering Sofas

Reupholstering a sofa is a basic way to breathe new life into it and give the piece of furniture and the room where the sofa stands a fresh look.


Reupholstering a sofa instantly transforms it.
Not all fabrics are suitable for upholstery. Upholstery fabrics tend to be stronger and will thus last longer than regular fabrics. When reupholstering a couch, make sure you look at a wide variety of fabrics, including the more common varieties. .

Velvet is in many ways a dream for upholstery. It's a strong, sturdy fabric that has a distinctive look and appearance. It effortlessly gives off the look of class and sophistication. The fabric is very inviting as the soft texture practically begs guests to sit down on it. Velvet is also versatile; certain shades of velvet appear old world, such as cream, champagne colors and deep reds; other shades of velvet look hip and contemporary, such as brighter shades like lime green or bright purple.


Jacquard refers to a type of fabric that has a raised woven design as opposed to a design printed directly. Jacquard can consist of a variety of fabrics, such as woven silk or satin. Types of jacquard that are most suitable for upholstery are chenille and cotton as they're very strong. Jacquard is a suitable choice for upholstery as the patterns are often very elegant yet somewhat understated. The textured design enhances the seating experience, coloring it with a degree of richness.


Good, old cotton comes in pure and blended fabrics, offering you a sturdy, stain-resistant upholstery material that gives you a near endless range of patterns and colors. You will no doubt find a shade and design of fabric to fit and complement your decorating scheme, regardless of how wild or conservative it is. Cotton is fairly stain resistant, making it suitable for households with kids. Certain cotton upholstery fabric is available in organic blend suitable for green, earth-friendly homes. Cotton upholstery is also more reasonably priced than luxury fabrics.

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