Uses for Future Floor Wax

Future floor polish, also marketed as Pledge with Future Shine, is manufactured by the SC Johnson Company and is designed to polish no-wax and regular linoleum floors. The product creates a tough, acrylic shine, according to SC Johnson, protecting the floor while improving its appearance. Hobbyists discovered new uses for this clear polish. It has the consistency of vegetable oil and has many craft applications as a glue or protective coating.

Hiding Scratches

Future is often used as a protective coating by hobbyists.

Future floor polish is used by hobbyists to hide scratches and mars on clear plastic surfaces, particularly model airplanes. Pour the wax into a bowl and dip the part in the wax. Some hobbyists prefer to adhere a sponge handle to the plastic part. Once dried, the part looks new and shiny. Any imperfections vanish.

Base Coat

Hobbyists use Future polish as a base coat for plastic pieces. The acrylic polish creates a smooth surface that paint easily adheres to. Allow the polish to dry overnight before painting the piece for best results, according to IPMS Stockholm website.

Shiny Surface

Model train enthusiasts spray Future polish using a airbrush to add a sheen to dull metal train surfaces. Apply one coat at a time and allow it to dry thoroughly before adding more. Clean the airbrush thoroughly after use.


Hobbyists use Future to make ice, water drops and even streams and creeks on model train landscapes. Apply one coat at a time and slowly build the layers until you achieve the desired effect, according to Mike Schwarze of Trainweb.