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Removing Spilled Honey From Vinyl Flooring

Jess Jones

Honey was the first sweetener used by humans, and its use can be dated back to early Greeks and Romans. Honey is used in the kitchen for everything from baking to sweetening tea. Honey is a natural, sweet ingredient provided by bees and collected by beekeepers. The syrupy, sticky texture of honey makes it difficult to remove, especially on floors. To avoid residual honey that makes your feet stick with every step, follow these simple steps.

For best results, clean up honey spills as soon as possible.
  1. Wet a clean cloth with hot water and wipe up the honey spill. You will need to use several cloths to remove as much of the honey as possible. Use the hottest water you can stand.

  2. Pour undiluted white vinegar onto a clean cloth and wipe the floor. The vinegar will remove any residual honey. Rinse with a cloth dampened in hot water.

  3. Clean the floor using a vinyl floor cleaner. Rinse well and allow the floor to air dry.