Samsung RS21 Fridge Problems

The Samsung RS21 is a double-door refrigerator freezer. Thanks to its steel finish and compact lines, it has remained a consistent favorite. Customers have noted a series of problems, however. These have appeared in newspapers, on Internet forums and on television. If you have any difficulties with the Samsung RS21, use a qualified engineer for repairs.

Rising Temperatures

Owners of Samsung RS21 fridges have come across a number of problems.

Older models of the Samsung RS21 sometimes develop a temperature fault. Water drains out of the evaporator coil, a process that happens during defrosting. This water collects around the coil. Ice forms and spreads to the refrigerator's fan. The fan becomes noisy then stops working. The fridge may begin to vibrate excessively. The temperature in the fridge rises, but the digital display panel on the front of the fridge does not always indicate this. The result is that food inside the fridge may spoil. Samsung has acknowledged this fault. They have issued a five-year warranty on the RS21 from the date of purchase for all owners. If the warranty applies, Samsung repairs the fault free of charge.

Blocked Water Dispenser

The Samsung RS21 has a water dispenser at the front. The dispenser provides chilled water when you press a lever. If water does not flow when you press the lever, remove the panel at the bottom of the refrigerator. Disconnect the pipe from the connector. Press the water dispenser lever. If water does not come out of the pipe, the problem may be the micro switch behind the fridge's display panel. Alternatively, the water tank may be frozen, and an engineer may need to change the defrost sensor and the evaporator cover. If water does flow from the pipe, the lever may be broken.

Internal Sparking

If you have a Samsung RS21 built between March 2005 and June 2006, you may experience an internal sparking defect. Samsung says that it has visited most customers who have such refrigerators and corrected the fault. The problem is with the defrost system. The system sometimes fails and causes an electrical spark. This spark may be a potential fire risk.


Excessive vibration of a Samsung RS21 refrigerator may relate to rising temperatures. The vibration occurs when ice begins to clog the fridge and the fan.

Noisy Fan

Ice forming around the fan of a Samsung RS21 refrigerator makes the fan noisy. The ice comes from the coil.

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