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My Whirlpool Microwave Makes Humming Sounds When Not in Use

Jon Stefansson

Your Whirlpool microwave produces many different sounds during normal operation, including hums, clicks and thumps, many of which are perfectly normal. The oven might, on some occasions, continue humming once cooking is complete, which is not necessarily a sign of trouble and may be attributed to the normal workings of the microwave or its fans. Identifying the source of the mystery hum helps ensure your oven is working correctly and is safe to use.

Switch off the Extractor Fan

Find the source of your microwave's hum.

Over-the-range microwave ovens often incorporate an extractor fan that removes steam, smoke and odors from the cooking surface below. The fan makes a gentle humming noise while it is running. You may also hear a "whooshing" sound as air is sucked through the ducting. A button is usually on the microwave that lets you turn off the extractor fan.

Wait a Few Minutes

Some microwave ovens feature a cooling fan that automatically switches on when the underside of the microwave reaches a particular temperature. The fan helps cool the underside of the microwave and the internal components to prevent damage. The fan turns off when the stove is turned off, and the temperature returns to normal.

Listen to the LCD Display

Listen if the humming sound is coming from the LCD display, where the time appears. The transformer that powers the clock makes a low humming noise at all times. You should not hear the hum over normal background noise.

Unplug the Microwave

Disconnect the power to the microwave, and the hum should stop immediately. The sound might not be coming from the microwave if you can still hear it with the oven unplugged. Keep the microwave unplugged, and contact Whirlpool if the noise returns with the power supply.