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How to Troubleshoot Advantium Ovens

David Clair

GE Profile Advantium ovens are designed to cook foods faster than conventional ovens. They come in 240- and 120-volt models. There are functions that are unique to the Advantium ovens that are not found in conventional ovens. There are also many things that are the same or similar to functions on conventional ovens.

When problems arise, some basic troubleshooting steps can often identify the problem. In some cases, the situation can be resolved without the assistance of a technician.

Cooking Problems

  1. Check for sounds when the oven is being used; even if the oven is making unusual noises and sounds while food is being cooked, it is likely that the sounds are normal. Clicking sounds indicate that the control is switching things on and off in the oven. The noise of the fan while cooking is also normal. The fan keeps the internal parts of the oven and controls cool.

  2. Watch for smoke emanating from the oven. If smoke comes out of the oven when the door is opened, it is most likely due to food with high fat content being cooked. Food that is high in fat content tends to smoke a lot as it cooks. Some cooking sprays will also produce smoke.

  3. Change the cooking time if food is not completely cooked. After running a preset cooking program, the programmed time may not exactly match the amount of food being cooked. Adjust the cooking time to compensate for larger amounts of food than what the preset cooking program is set for.

  4. Reset the sensor if the oven signals and displays a sensor error. The sensor may have detected that the food amount or type of food does not match the program that is being used. Press the "Clear" button to reset the sensor and select the appropriate program.

  5. Vent the food container if the oven displays a steam sensor error. The error means the oven sensors did not detect steam when it expected to. Vent plastic wrap or use a looser lid to allow steam to escape.

General Problems

  1. Check the "Options" menu to adjust the clock settings. If the display is blank, it has been turned off. Set the display to "On."

  2. Press and hold the "Clear" button for five seconds to unlock the control if the display indicates "Control is LOCKED."

  3. Make sure the oven door is closed completely if the control panel display is lit up but the oven will not start. Press the "Clear" button after closing the door.