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Tappan Microwave Problems

Misty Faucheux

Tappan was a brand of consumer appliances sold by the Ohio Valley Company, headquartered in Bellaire, Ohio. The Electrolux Group bought the company in 1979, and it no longer sells the Tappan brand of microwaves. If you own a Tappan microwave, troubleshoot problems with it to avoid expensive service fees. Avoid performing major repairs on your microwave as these are dangerous without the correct training.

No Power

If your Tappan microwave is not starting, verify that the power cord fits snugly into the power outlet. Tappan recommends removing the power cord from the outlet, and leaving it unplugged for about 10 seconds. Plug it back in, and try to use your microwave. Fully close the microwave door. Clean the door gaskets if the door is not closing correctly. Examine your home fuses, and replace the fuses if burnt out. Turn on the circuit breaker if tripped. Use a cooking setting, and do not just set the timer. Replace the thermal fuse in the microwave if blown.

Plate Not Turning

Your food sits on either a plastic or glass plate, which is known as the turntable. If the turntable is not rotating, verify that it is correctly positioned on the carousel, which is the plastic component with grooves. Clean the carousel, turntable and wheel if extremely dirty. If the turntable still won't turn, remove the bottom plate of the microwave and the carousel. Examine the carousel motor. If it is corroded or doesn't easily turn, replace it. Your microwave normally moves in either direction when it is cooking your food.


Never use cookware that is not microwave safe. Plasticware can melt, and other cookware can cause sparks, especially cookware with silver or gold trimming. If you see sparks, stop the microwave, and remove the item. Arcing looks like mini-lightening storms in your microwave. This is caused by food spillovers or liquids. Thoroughly clean up spills as soon as they happen. If the arcing causes burn spots in your microwave, sand the area down, and paint it with microwave-safe paint. Replace the waveguide if burnt.

Other Issues

Your Tappan microwave display may naturally flicker as you are cooking foods. Ignore the problem if it's not interfering with the microwave operation. If it is, contact a service technician. If your microwave makes noise, but won't heat, test the magnetron. Place 1 cup of water in the microwave for 1 minute at the highest temperature. If the water doesn't boil, contact a technician. Change out the microwave light bulb if it doesn't come on when you open the microwave door. Always cover your food to keep food from drying out. Defrost food items to avoid under-cooking issues. Follow recipe instructions to prevent over- or under-cooking.