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A Bosch Oven Probe Error

Jack Ori

Bosch ovens are German-made products that include a computerized meat probe. You can plug the probe into the oven prior to cooking meat, and the oven will keep track of the meat's internal temperature and turn the oven off at the proper time. If your Bosch oven displays a "Probe Error" message, however, the probe isn't working properly and may need to be replaced.

Connection Problem

The Bosch oven probe is a removable device; don't plug it into the oven unless you plan to use it. If the probe symbol is lit up on your Bosch oven display, your probe is plugged in; if you're not using it, unplug it. If the probe light doesn't display when you plug the probe in, check whether the probe is plugged all the way in and whether the power cord to the probe has any frayed wires or other signs of damage. You may need to replace the power cord.

Don't Preheat

Don't preheat your oven prior to putting the probe into the oven. If you preheat the oven, it may be too hot to safely place the probe into the oven wall. Furthermore, when you plug the probe in, you have to set the temperature on the probe and in the oven, so there isn't any point to preheating the oven. Preheating the oven with the probe installed may generate "Probe Error" on the display.

Replacing Meat Probe

If your Bosch oven doesn't recognize your meat probe or the oven doesn't turn off when the meat reaches the desired internal temperature, you may need to replace your meat probe. Contact Bosch to purchase a replacement meat probe or purchase one from an appliance repair website such as Repair Clinic. If the oven still fails to operate with the new meat probe, you may have a more serious problem.

Cooking Without Probe

If the oven works correctly, but you get a probe error when you use the probe, consider using the oven without the probe. Although the probe helps you ensure your meat is the perfect temperature, you can cook without it. Follow recipe directions and check to make sure meat is not pink on the inside when the oven timer rings.