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What Is a Code F8 on a GE Profile Range?

Alan Donahue

GE ovens have several extra features such as the proof mode, slow cook mode and the built-in meat probe. All of these extras can create additional problems, which is where the "F8" fault code comes in handy. The two symbol codes allow owners to figure out the issue and make repairs without guessing about the problem.


The "F8" icon will flash on the oven's LCD screen. This usually appears on the timer LCD or the clock LCD depending on your oven model. When the error first appears, it will beep 8 times to represent the "F8" error. Stop the beeping early with the "Start/Stop" button. Unplug the oven and plug it back in to ensure it was not a short electrical error. If "F8" appears again then the error is legit.

Error Code Definition

The "F8" codes means that the built-in meat probe has shorted out. The meat probe measures temperatures of baked meats such as turkey and ham. When it shorts out, the electrical wires have failed and the proper temperature cannot be sent to the LCD screen.


Shut off the oven and remove the meat probe from the inside. Examine the outer casing for any twisted or pinched wires. Lay the wire out flat for a couple of hours and then retry it to see if the error comes up again. If the error does not come up, then the probe should operate as normal. If it does come up again, then the meat probe needs replacement.


Instead of replacing the meat probe, you can simply use a regular meat thermometer while operating the oven. As long as the meat probe is not plugged into the socket, the error message will not appear on the oven. If it is currently on the oven, hold down the "Stop/Start" button down for 30 seconds to reset the codes.