How to Troubleshoot a Countertop Rotisserie Oven

Megan Martin

When they work, countertop rotisseries can help you create a four-star meal with minimal effort. They heat up quickly and cook many of the same meals you'd make in a traditional oven in much less time. But a countertop rotisserie that won't turn off or that burns food can throw off your whole night. If you have problems with your countertop rotisserie, knowing how to diagnose and fix them can not only prevent expensive service calls, but save your dinner as well.

Rotisserie Power Problems

Roasted chicken
  1. Check the plug, outlet and circuit breaker if the rotisserie does not turn on. Plug in another appliance to the outlet to check the power to the outlet. Check the cord for damage. Reset the circuit breaker if necessary.

  2. Check the timer. Verify that the timer has not recently run out and caused the unit to turn off. On some units, the timer turns the unit on, so make sure it is set to power the unit.

  3. Unplug the countertop rotisserie for fifteen minutes. Wait for it to cool down, and plug it in again. If it overheats, it may turn off on its own.

  4. Call a service professional or the manufacturer if these suggestions do not solve your problem.

Rotisserie Cooking Problems

  1. Check the temperature control. Ensure the control is at the proper temperature if the rotisserie does not heat up. Turn the temperature up if necessary. Make sure the unit has not turned off.

  2. Look for obstructions that may impede the basket's movement. If the basket cannot turn properly, food will not cook evenly. Place the basket firmly in the countertop rotisserie. Position the food in the center of the basket.

  3. Move food so that it is not touching the heating element if the rotisserie begins to smoke. Smoke is normal during the first use but should not occur after the first use.

  4. Check the drip tray, side panels and top. Grease and food buildup can produce a lot of smoke if they burn onto the sides of the unit. Keep the drip tray and other surfaces clean to prevent smoke.

  5. Check the fan motor if foods frequently burn. Call a professional to repair the fan motor if it is not turning. Ask a service technician to check the thermostat to ensure that the unit is reaching the right temperature.