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How Do I Repair Fan Noise on a GE Microwave?

Nina Nixon

When a GE microwave's fan becomes loud, you can check a couple of settings to try to quiet it down. The "Vent Fan" button is a common feature on many GE microwave models. It helps cool down the microwave by removing condensation that occurs during surface cooking. If "Vent Fan Boost" is pressed, the fan will turn faster and operate more loudly. The "Vent Fan" speed also can affect fan speed noise. Typically, this setting has four options: "Low," "Medium," "High" and "Off."

  1. Press the "vent fan" button one to four times to turn it off. The fan may have been set to "High," and if so, the button would need to be pressed three more times to turn it off; two times if it was set to the "Medium" fan speed, and one time if it was last set at the "Lowest" fan speed. If the fan noise is still heard, go to the next step.

  2. Press the "Vent Fan Boost" button (if your GE microwave model has this feature) to verify where the fan noise is coming from. Press the "Vent Fan Boost" button again to turn it off if the fan turns on when you pressed it the first time. If the fan noise is still heard, go to the next step.

  3. Open and close the microwave door to realign it if your GE microwave is a new over-the-range model. A door misalignment could have occurred during shipping. Open and close the door up to three more times to see if the fan stops running. If it does not, contact GE support.