New Style Showers That Are Easy to Clean

Cleaning the shower is few people's idea of fun. Many individuals lament having to scrub away at grout or scour soap scum from their shower surfaces. If you are redoing your shower space, consider selecting a contemporary shower design that is easier to clean than some of the more classic shower types. By selecting one of these new shower design options, you not only give your bathroom an up-to-date look, but also save yourself time when it comes to shower cleaning.

Wrap Around Glass Showers

Select a shower that's easy to clean.

Wrap around glass showers come in an assortment of shapes. Select a rectangular, square or round wrap around shower to fit your space. These showers are generally all one piece with the exception of a hinged glass door that is held closed with a magnet. Select a completely transparent shower or one with tinted glass for a more private shower experience. Because the shower enclosure is crafted of easy-to-wipe-clean glass, removing soap scum or water marks is a breeze.

Plastic Shower Enclosures

Plastic shower enclosures provide an enticing alternative to traditional tiled showers. These showers are generally crafted of one solid sheet of plastic. This seamless design prevents the development of mold and mildew and makes wiping the shower interior clean a snap. Many companies offer custom cast shower enclosures intended to slip over your existing shower making installing one of these new showers simple and economical.

Frameless Glass Showers

Traditional glass showers are easier to clean than some other shower types, but often the frame that surrounds the glass door becomes a site of mildew development. Frameless glass showers do not have this water-collecting metal frame and, as such, are easier to clean. Often the doors on these showers either slide on a track to open and close or feature specialized hinges that hold the door in place without the aid of a frame. As AskTheBuilder.com reports, these showers are a wise choice if you have limited space in your bathroom as the transparent glass creates the illusion of a more sizable bathroom space.

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