The Best Stucco Colors

Stucco comes in a variety of colors, most of which are subdued because they are mixed with the stucco material itself, leading to a soft, pastel appearance.

Bright White

Different colored stucco exteriorDifferent colored stucco exterior
You can change your stucco's current color by using special stucco paint, which is basically an additional layer of colored stucco on your home. Do not paint your stucco home with standard acrylic or oil-based paint. Stucco is a permeable material, meaning it allows air to pass through it, and standard paint seals off this permeability. If you want to seal the stucco with paint due to dampness in the area, use paint intended for concrete.
White stucco exterior

Bright white stucco houses can be striking, especially when set off by a red roof and red brickwork on the patio or landscaping. The bright white contrasts with the more muted earth tones in the surrounding area, as stucco is generally used in arid climates that feature muted browns, sage greens and red clay as part of the natural surroundings. White stucco may require a bit more maintenance than other colors if you live in an area prone to dust storms, but periodic cleaning will keep your home beautiful, and the white will show off the natural beauty of your stucco.

Sandy Brown

brown stucco exterior

Show your understanding of stucco's origins and an appreciation of the desert landscape by choosing sandy brown for your stucco's finish. Stucco is generally made from concrete, lime and sand, so choosing a sandy brown will give your home a natural tone. This adds beauty by helping your home blend with its surroundings if you are in an area where stucco is traditionally used. Set off the sandy brown with a red roof and trim, or echo more of the natural surroundings by painting and landscaping with earthy greens.


green stucco house

Color your home with nature-inspired muted greens such as a silvery sage or an olive-tinted gray or brown. The color choice will make your home stand out from more traditionally colored stucco homes while maintaining the stucco's integrity. If you live in a cool, moist climate that is not stucco-friendly, you can choose a deeper green and use concrete sealant and paint to close off your stucco to the surrounding air. The color and stucco will blend in with the deeper green surroundings found in damper climates.


yellow stucco exterior

Several shades of yellow are available in stucco paints, providing your home with a little more color than the traditional white or light brown, while still being available in true stucco coatings. Choose yellow for a striking look if your home is set against red or gray rock. Trim it with red, deep brown or burgundy to really bring out the yellow and the reds in your surroundings.

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