Types of Garbage Bins

There are a great many places offering garbage bins of one type or another. What type of bin you choose will depend on what you need it for. Are you a resident, or a business? Will the bin be placed in a public area, or at a more private location? In the city, or at a lake? You may even need the use of a large bin temporarily.

Dumpster Bins

Garbage bins come in many styles.

These types of bins are used for apartment complexes, schools and business.  They are able to be placed in many locations, including sloped areas and small spaces, according to BinWincom.

(Reference 1) Sometimes a bin is needed when clearing out a large space, or when remodeling.  They are also a necessity when tearing down a structure, such as a small house.

The bins used for this purpose are generally longer than the Dumpsters that we normally see.  It is possible to rent these types of bins for a short period of time, until the job is complete.

Public Trash Bins

You will find different types of bins for public use at parks and lakes, as well as in other areas.  These sometimes come with covers that have a small door for people to place trash into.

Other times, there will be a simple lift-off lid.  Many of these are free-standing bins, while others are placed into permanent fixtures that hold the bins in place so that they cannot be tipped over.

For playgrounds, it is possible to find bins with characters painted onto them.  Or even bins of different colors.

Bins in these places help parents to teach their children to keep the areas clean, a very important skill to learn early on. 

For Home Use

Trash bins purchased for home use are kept outside, or in a garage or shed, until trash day.  Household trash is placed into the bin, and then the bin is placed at the road once a week.

There are different types and sizes of bins that are used for this purpose.  Some have lids that pull off, while other have lids that lock into place so that animals are not able to get into them and make a mess.

These may be plastic or metal Sturdier bins of plastic are also available.  They are more square than round, and are quite tall.

The lids on the bins are usually attached at the back, and they have two wheels to make them easier to move.  These bins also have a handle for pulling.

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