The Best Sun-Blocking Drapes for the Bedroom

The bedroom is a room for escape for sleep and rest. If undisturbed sleep is vital, curtains and drapes that blockout sun are a must for bedroom decorating. The fabric and color of the chosen drape are key to blocking out sun from bedroom windows. Keep these two elements in mind while choosing bedroom curtains.

Blackout Curtains

A dark curtain or drape will minimize bedroom sun exposure.

Blackout-style curtains are made from heavy fabric that blocks out sunlight. They also help insulate rooms, because much heat and energy is lost through windows.Blackout curtains have a tightly woven backing, often multi-layered, which blocks most of the light that comes through bedroom windows. You can also easily transform your old curtains into blackout style by adding blackout liners from a craft or haberdashery store.

Lined Curtains

Thermal-lined curtains or lined curtains in general are efficient in blocking out sunlight from bedrooms windows so you can catch extra sleep. Thermal-lined drapes have a liner made from insulating material. A thermal liner can not only block out unwanted sunlight but keep cold drafts and summer heat outside the house. Double-lined curtains reduce sunlight's encroaching capabilities by using two layers of lining. Double-lined drapes are thick and heavy, blocking sunlight, insulating windows and adding privacy.


The best sun-blocking drapes will be in darker colors. Light colored drapes allow more sun to filter through. Dark colors such as black, dark green, dark blue and dark brown stop sunlight from penetrating. They will also filter the remaining light as dark in color, as the light must hit the drapes first before entering the bedroom.


The thicker the drape material, the better the drape will be at preventing sunlight from coming through the window. Sheer, thin fabrics are inefficient in blocking out sunlight. You will want to use thick or woven fabrics like wool, burlap, dungaree and muslin for sun-blocking drapes. You can make these yourself with the appropriate fabrics or purchase them in store.

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