Wire Rope Crimping Tools

Wire rope crimping tools are used to bend and mold wire rope and other metals in the home or industrial workspace. Wire rope crimping tools work by using the force you apply with one or two hands to the ferrules (the small bracelets that join wires), molds or directly to the wires you wish to crimp.

Central Hydraulics Wire Crimping Tool

Pliers can be used as crimping tools, but true wire rope crimping tools are more effective.

For heavy duty wires that require more force, the Central Hydraulics' hydraulic wire crimping tool works well.  It supplies up to 8 tons of crimping force for crimping wires of several sizes.

It is 12 inches long, and weighs seven pounds.  It can be used with one hand as hydraulic pressure supplies the force.

As of October 2010, Central Hydraulics offers this wire rope crimping tool for about $70. 

Cooper Hands Wirerope Ferrul Crimping Tool

The Cooper Hands manufactured wire rope crimping tool has a length of 25 inches and weighs seven pounds.  Because it's a hand crimping tool, it can't deliver as much force as a hydraulic crimping tool, but it provides enough power for crimping ferrules 1/4 inch thick or less.

As of October 2010, this Cooper Hands model cost about $150. 

Nicopress 5506

Nicopress offers a battery powered wire rope crimping tool which can deal with wire ropes sized from 3/64-inch through 5/16-inch.  It's lightweight at only seven pounds with the batteryThe crimping jaws can be opened mid-cycle to adjust the connection.

This is an industrial tool and thus has a steeper price of $3500 as of October 2010. 

Sargent / Rostra 6260CT Wire Rope Sleeve Crimp Tool

The Sargent/Rostra 6260CT crimps compression sleeves and cap splices from a wide array of wire rope sizes.  It is used primarily for crimping telephone wires.

The tool measures 13 inches and weighs seven pounds.  As of October 2010, the Sargent/Rostra cost about $115.

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