Space Saving Storage Bags That Actually Work

Few people have enormous homes with a wealth of closets, cupboards, empty attics and basements ripe for storing out-of-season clothes and bulky bedding. Just because you have limited closet space doesn't mean that you can't find a place for everything. Space saving storage bags are one answer to this problem, and several varieties of these types of bags work well.

Space Bags

The company Space Bags is the original manufacturer of space saving bags for storage and allow you to triple or quadruple your storage space effortlessly. These space bags look almost like thick, clear, heavy plastic envelopes for clothes that have a side zipper and come in a variety of sizes. You fill each large envelope with clothes or bedding, and zipper it shut. In the center of each plastic bag is a black plastic hole with a lid that you open. That's where you place the mouth of your vacuum cleaner and suck out all the air. As you suck out all the air, the bag and clothes will shrink and noticeably flatten. The bag and clothes in this state will be more rigid but easy to store in a suitcase, on the shelf of a closet or under the bed.

Spacemaker Compression Bags

Spacemaker compression bags are ideal for when you're packing for a trip and need extra storage space in your suitcase. Unlike most space bags, which require a vacuum, these space bags don't; they instead rely on force. You fold your clothes as you normally would, and then zip up the bags and roll them into tight little bundles. As you roll them, the air in the clothing leaks out, making begs and clothing more compact. The bags don't reduce the weight of the clothing, however, which is something you need to be aware of when traveling by air, but they do leave extra space in your suitcase.

Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are cheap alternatives to the traditional space bag. Garbage bags do not have the zippered enclosure or special plastic seal for the vacuum cleaner, nor are they as thick as most space saving storage bags, but they work reasonably well for their cheap price. For example, fold or stuff your clothes, bedding or cushions into a thick plastic garbage bag. Gather the mouth of the bag together, and insert the skinny attachment to the vacuum cleaner, which will suck all the air out and flatten the bag, just as more expensive space saving bags do. However, you are responsible for keeping the bag tightly sealed by knotting and tying it closed.

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