Types of Laminated Beams

You have a number of different wood options when remodeling or building a home.

Glue-Laminated Beams

Laminated beams are what many use for home remodeling or building projects.Laminated beams are what many use for home remodeling or building projects.
Older homes usually use solid wood beams, but newer homes and remodel projects often utilize laminated beams. These beams are all made from combining different kinds of timber into one beam. Three common kinds of laminated beams are used for home projects: glue-laminated, laminated veneer and laminated strand.

These beams are also known as "glulam" beams. They are created by gluing together several layers of different kinds of lumber. The end product is a single strong beam that was created with less energy than steel or concrete. More energy is required to create a glue-laminated beam than a solid timber one, but glue-laminated beams do not require clear-cutting forests and therefore are more environmentally friendly.

Laminated Veneer Beams

These boards are also known as "microlam" beams. They can hold a large amount of weight like their solid beam counterparts but are lighter. Laminated veneer lumber is made from thin sheets of wood that are glued together, much like glue-laminated beams. You will use laminated veneer beams most often for home joists.

Laminated Strand Beams

These beams are created by putting together a number of wood strands with a waterproof adhesive to make a single beam. Laminated strand beams are best for doors and windows because they resist warping and shrinking.

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