What are the specs for a Craftsman 536.885210.5

Will Gish

Craftsman 536.885210.5 is a gas-powered snow thrower no longer in production. Like all Craftsman products, it is sold exclusively through Sears. A snow thrower differs from a snow blower in size and design. Snow blowers are small units often held like a leaf blower, while a snow thrower is a large unit that is similar in size and appearance to a lawn mower. Specifications for the Craftsman 536.885210.5 describe the unit's engine, technology, and fuel/oil ratio.


Your snow thrower should be kept clean and well lubricated in anticipation of heavy snowfall.

There are three engine specifications for the Craftsman 536.885210.5. Displacement on the Craftsman 536.885210.5 engine is 8.46 cubic inches. Engine displacement measures the volume of air displaced by the pistons as they move up and down once. The larger the displacement, the more horsepower an engine is capable of producing. Craftsman's snow thrower operates on a five-horsepower engine. There are two methods of starting the unit's engine: manually, by pulling a recoiler starter handle; or electrically, with the inbuilt 120-volt engine starter.

Auger Drive

Craftsman's 536.885210.5 snow blower is an auger-propelled unit. An auger is a tool with a helix-shaped member, or a shaft surrounded by a raised, spiraling ridge, like a drill bit. Augers are used for boring holes for moving loose solid materials, such as snow. The auger on the Craftsman 536.885210.5 is located below the unit's body, at the front of snow thrower. Snow enters the auger and is tossed upward, through a discharge shoot. The discharge shoot in turn propels the snow out of and away from the Craftsman 536.885210.5.

Fuel Oil Ratio

Proper fuel/oil ratio for the Craftsman 536.885210.5 snow thrower is 40:1. Fuel/oil ratio indicates the amount of oil that needs to be added to an engine per unit of gasoline in order for an engine to operate at maximum potential. Oil keeps the engine lubricated and prevents corrosion and rust. At a ratio of 40:1, 16 ounces of oil should be added for every 5 gallons of gasoline, or 3.2 ounces of oil per gallon. The Craftsman 536.885210.5 manual recommends air-cooled 2-cycle engine oil.