1995 John Deere Excavator 690 Specifications

In 1995 Deere Company offered the John Deere 690E LC Hydraulic Excavator as part of its construction equipment line. The large excavator offered a variety of buckets featuring Fanggs Teeth to aid with different jobsite needs. The 690E LC also featured a Quadtronics computerized engine and hydraulic management system with four Power Mode settings.


The 690E LC Hydraulic Excavator features a John Deere 6068T six-cylinder engine with an altitude-compensating turbocharger. The engine offers 140 gross horsepower, 130 net horsepower with three to five gallons per hour fuel consumption. The excavator features a 24-volt electrical system with a 45-amp alternator.

Hydraulic System

The 690E LC features two variable-displacement axial-piston closed center main pumps with a minimum flow of 2 by 2.6 gallons per minute and a maximum flow of 2 by 50 gallons per minute. The one-gear pilot pump has a pressure setting of 400 psi and a maximum rated flow of 9.5 gallons per minute. The hydraulic system fluid capacity is 84 gallons with a hydraulic pump flow capacity of 100 gallons per minute. The hydraulic system relief valve pressure is rated at 5,000 psi.


The width of the 690E LC excavator to the outside of the tracks is 9.9 feet and the length of the track on the ground is 12 feet. The excavator has 1.5 feet of ground clearance and measures 9.3 feet to the top of the cab. The machine offers an 85 gallon fuel capacity and weighs 43,890 lb. The counterweight clearance is 3.6 feet and the tail swing radius is 8.7 feet. With the boom/stick option, the excavator featurs a maximum digging depth of 37.3 feet, reach along the ground of 50 feet, maximum cutting height of 44.7 feet and a maximum loading height of 38.7 feet.

Buckets and Attachments

The John Deere 690E LC excavator offers a variety of bucket options, including a ditch forming bucket, bucket clamp and clamshell bucket. The machine also offers options such as an asphalt cutter, hydraulic hammer, clearing rake and twin head blender.

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