How to Lubricate Bruno Stair Lifts

Kimberly Sharpe

A Bruno stair lift eliminates the challenge of a staircase for a disabled person. The Bruno lift's special design hides the mechanical components of the chair while keeping the system's lubricating grease away from you and your clothes. You can safely sit in the chair and have it transport you up or down the stairs.

A stair lift will help you traverse even the steepest staircase safely.

With proper maintenance, the Bruno stair lift will continue to function effectively for years. Lubricating the stair's movable parts every three months will help extend the lift's life.

  1. Run the chair up and down the staircase rail five to six times. Inspect the gear rack and rail for any signs of debris such as hair, dust or paint chips.

  2. Vacuum the rack and rail to remove any debris. You can also use a hand-held brush to sweep away any debris from the rack and rail.

  3. Use white lithium grease to lubricate the stair lift's gear rack teeth. The grease comes in a bottle with an attached nozzle that releases the required amount when the bottle is depressed. Stick the nozzle against the gear rack teeth and squeeze the bottle. Apply a light coating to all the gear rack teeth. Only lubricate the gear rack teeth of a Bruno stair lift that has nylon wheels. If the Bruno stair lift has steel wheels, lubricate the gear rack teeth and the entire rail of the system.

  4. Lubricate any of the lift's belts that look or feel dry. Apply a light coating of the lithium grease across the belt's surface.

  5. Warning

    If the stair lift begins to make chattering noises or you experience a rough ride, clean and lubricate the chair's gear rack.