Problems With a Well Pump

Wells pumps are designed to move the water from its location inside of the well through a series of pipes up into your house or into a water system. There can be a number of reasons why a well may stop working. If you have a good understanding of electrical and mechanical systems, then you may be able to fix the well pump yourself. Knowing what the problem is, or being able to identify the problem will help you in deciding whether to try to fix the pump or replace it.

Circuit Breakers

Well pumps move water from its location in the well to a holding tank and out through a water spout.

Find and check the circuit breaker for the pump.  With any electrical device always check the circuit breaker first, this may be an easy fix if the breaker just needs to be reset.


Look for obstructions around the water pressure switch by removing the cover protecting the switch and see if there is any debris or other item that may be preventing the switch contacts from being able to close. 

Low Water Pressure

Open the valve that drains the tank, if there is a low water flow it may indicate that the blades on the water pump may be worn after years of use and they are no longer capable of maintaining a good supply of water. 

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