The Advantages of Retaining Walls

A retaining wall provides advantages such as preventing damage by soil falling or sliding away from a foundation.


This can preserve ground area on the property or even add to it. A homeowner can choose from a variety of materials to build a retaining wall and use it as part of an overall landscaping plan to enhance the appearance of the property.

You can build a retaining wall from materials such as concrete, stone, wood, brick and blocks. Prices to build a wall range from about $15 per square foot for timber to $25 for natural stone, not counting design, according to "Engineering a Retaining Wall" by This Old House writer John Wagner.


Provide proper drainage for your wall. Consult experienced landscapers and builders about how and where to dig, material for backfill and landscape fabric. You can also enhance the appearance of your property with the construction of your retaining wall.


Design and build your retaining walls to bear heavy loads. Poorly constructed walls can lean, crack and fail. Choose your materials with care. Stone and brick walls last longer than timber, but are harder to build.

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