How to Replace Window Grids

With prefabricated inserts, window grid replacement is easier than ever. Grid inserts are designed to make a one-plate glass window look like a multiple-pane window. Because they can simply be popped into place and affixed to the edge of the window, you can also take them out for window-cleaning and window-frame painting purposes. Replacement window grids are made from wood or plastic, and come in all shapes and sizes, and are even available for French and sliding glass doors.

Window grids are easy to install and add a decorative touch.
  1. Measure the width and height of the window glass with a measuring tape. Make sure your grids match these measurements.

  2. Assemble the grid's pieces and insert the connectors on the ends of the grid pieces according to the manufacturer's instructions. Some connectors are plastic; others are metal pieces with points inserted into the wood frame to hold the grid in place.

  3. Place the grids against the glass in the window, centering it so the ends meet the edge of the window frame. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for affixing the connectors to the edge of the window frame.

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