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How to Replace a Window Screen on a Camper Shell

Tyson Simmons

Window screens, especially on camper shells, have a tendency of becoming ripped. There's nothing more aggravating than having insects flying into your screen while you are camping. However, following a few steps, you can easily replace the screen with little hassle.

Pop-Up Camper Shell
  1. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the staples holding the window screen on. Some of these may be set in and rusted, but a little old-fashioned prying will quickly remove them.

  2. Pull the window screen away from the camper shell and set it on top of your replacement screening.

  3. Trace the border of your old screen on to the new screening using a sharpie marker. Make sure to go a little wide of the actual border so you can cut within the lines.

  4. Cut out the new screening following just inside the lines you traced using a pair of heavy duty scissors. Try to keep the cut as clean and smooth as possible.

  5. Place the new screen over the window and staple it to secure it. Make sure to keep the screen taught the entire time to prevent wrinkles from forming.