What Is Schedule 40 Pipe?

Amy Rodriguez

Multiple applications, including steam movement, utilize pipes. A schedule number, such as that designated by the American Petroleum Institute, specifies the type of piping needed for each use and correlates with the construction integrity of the pipe itself.

Steam pipes can be made from Schedule 40 piping.


When working with piping that involves steam, the piping installed -- typically, carbon steel -- must meet integrity standards or the pipe could burst or leak. SpiraxSarco.com notes that Schedule 40 piping rates as the thinnest choice for steam applications.


A Schedule 40 pipe has a wall thickness of 6.02 millimeters, and the bored hole for steam movement is 102.26 mm in diameter. The length of the piping, as determined by the application, typically comes in 6-meter lengths.


While wall thickness proves crucial for pipeline integrity, the diameter of the flowing steam plays a part as well, allowing the steam to reach its destination with the proper pressure for its intended application.