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How to Use Glass Bottles to Make Windows

Katherine Philipp

If an interesting window made of recycled materials is what you're after, look no further than your wine cupboard. Windows can be made using a variety of glass bottles and containers and will give your home a unique and funky look.

Different shapes, colors and bottle sizes will make your wall more interesting and colorful
  1. Collect a large number of empty glass bottles. Check your local recycling depot for interesting glass bottles

  2. Measure how large you want your window to be. Build a lumber frame that will fit your desired window.

  3. Lay your window frame on the ground and arrange your bottles inside the frame. Get creative. Your bottles don't need to be arranged vertically as if they were sitting on a table. Position them upside down, horizontally and on an angle. Take a picture of your intended design once you have a layout you like so you will remember where you want to put each bottle

  4. Mix your mortar. A good ratio is 3 units of mason sand to every 1 unit of cement mix. Mix only a little bit at a time as making your glass window must be done over the course of a few days.

  5. Lay a base layer of mortar at the base of your window frame. Add in your bottles as you had them arranged, layering the mortar around them. Keep your window frame upright as you do this so the mortar doesn't accidentally bind to anything else as it dries. Add the layers slowly, allowing them to fully dry in the sun. Wipe any unwanted mortar that gets on the glass off with a wet sponge of cloth. Allow your window to dry fully before installing it into your home.