Orange Oil Termite Treatments

Termites are more than just a nuisance to a home owner. Their presence signals that the home may be at risk for hidden damage that could cost thousands of dollars to fix. Fortunately, there are treatments that will get rid of termites, with orange oil receiving mixed reviews for its effectiveness.

Orange Oil

Orange oil is extracted from the peels of ripe oranges. People who use orange oil for termite treatment say that the product is safe for the environment, leaves no toxic mess behind and allows the family to stay in the home without leaving, unlike traditional fumigation. It's safe for pets, plants and kids as well.

Study Results

Some homeowners swear by orange oil, saying it is an all-natural insecticide that can decimate a termite population. Orange oil does kill termites on contact, but is limited to termites that are directly sprayed, leaving deeply hidden or ground termites unharmed. Orange oil also fades in effectiveness after a short period of time--less than a week--unlike other chemical treatments that last for as long as a year.


If you choose to use orange oil on termites, consider it a spot application method only. If the infestation is larger, consult a professional to tackle the problem. With varying claims on longevity and effectiveness, orange oil as a termite treatment may work best in conjunction with other commercial treatments.

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