Valspar Faux Techniques

Valspar is a brand of paint that offers a variety of colors and finishes to help you customize your home.

Start with the Right Product

Creating faux styles on your walls adds texture and depth to a room. For the beauty that results from great faux painting, these techniques are much simpler than you can imagine. Relax and have fun, as imperfections help make your faux wall look more authentic.

Valspar makes a series of faux products that get you started with the right look and help you protect the finished results without destroying the look and feel of the wall. Dimensional paints and finishes give a wall depth, with details that make it seem multidimensional. Some of the options include Brushed Pearl, Brilliant Metals and Metallic Glaze. Brushed Pearl, for example, is irridescent, with metals that create subtle or dramatic sheens. Textured paints actually leave the wall resembling a natural substance: granite, sandstone, granite crystals, Venetian plaster, crackle, stone and more. Glazes can be used over standard coats of paint to give different looks, such as an antique feel or a tint.

Getting the Right Look

The directions on the paint will guide you to different styles. The Valspar website also has many instructional videos that can help you achieve the best results. Most of these products are slow-drying to allow you the time to do the technique properly and make any needed adjustments. Dimensional products should be applied over dried color glazes. You will also apply these in a criss-cross fashion. It is best to work in small sections to maintain consistency. The same technique is true for the glazes. These are placed over metallic glazes or crackle finishes to add more depth, or they can be applied over standard color glazes for more traditional looks. Textures seem to be the most intimidating. They really aren't very difficult, but they are time-consuming. The most common techniques for textured finishes require applying the texture and then allowing it to partially dry. Next, you take a sponge or dry towel in circular motions to remove some of the faux finish. Work in 3-foot sections and allow it to dry completely. Some of Valspars crystal finishes use actual crystals that are added to your paint just before applying to the wall. You paint the wall by starting with a large "W" applied with a roller and then fill in the section and move on to complete the wall. Allow to dry for four hours and then use a brush to apply a second coat using large and small "X" patterns. When it comes to clear finishes, you will simply make crisscross coats over the dried wall. These will improve paint longevity by protecting the faux look from moisture, dirt and grime.

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