Innova Pressure Cooker Instructions

Ruth Taylor

Pressure cookers allow you to cook food faster than in a conventional pot or pan. They are indispensable for high-altitude cooking, but even sea level cooks will appreciate the speed in which soups, stocks and beans are ready to eat. Innova Pressure Cookers come in 6-, 8- or 10-quart sizes, so you can easily prepare the amount of food you need to serve or to freeze for later.


Before you start to cook with your Innova Pressure Cooker, check to make sure that the rubber gasket is inserted in place under the lid. The gasket should not have any cracks or tears. Order a replacement rubber gasket if you see that yours has been damaged. Check the steam release and pressure valve to make sure that they are clean and free of any food left over from previous cooking. Carefully clean and remove any debris that may be there.

Prepare your food as with a conventional pot or pan, sautéing vegetables first if you wish to. Include all the spices and condiments that you plan to use for cooking before placing the lid on. The lid can be placed over boiling or cold liquids. Make sure that the lid is firmly shut. The lid should fit snuggly, without wiggling.

If you have a model with a separate pressure regulator, also known as a wobble top, place the top on the pressure valve. Some models have a pressure switch, and you can choose between 10 or 15 pounds per square inch of pressure. Normally, pressure cookers are used with 10 pounds of pressure. If you are cooking at a high altitude or wish to cook your food faster, cook with 15 pounds of pressure.

Safety Precautions

Pressure cookers heat food at higher temperatures than conventional pots. Since your food will be done faster than you may be accustomed to, carefully watch cooking time to avoid overcooking and burning. Fill the Innova Pressure Cooker until two-thirds full for best results. Lower the cooking temperature once the pressure cooker has reached full pressure. Never attempt to force open a sealed lid. Instead, use the pressure release valve, pointing away from your face and body. Once the cooker has returned to normal pressure, carefully remove the lid. Contents will be hot and may even continue boiling, so proceed with caution. Clean your Innova Pressure Cooker well, including the gasket and pressure valves. That way, your cooker will be ready to use whenever you want it again.