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Instructions for How to Use a Somersize Pressure Cooker

Lisa M. McMahon

The Somersize pressure cooker is made by celebrity Suzanne Somer's California-based company. It has an 8-quart stock pot made from 18/10 stainless steel. It features a glass lid with a steam vent and boasts accessories such as a vegetable/shellfish steamer. The product comes with a five-year limited warranty.

  1. Fill the cooker with the required food and liquid specified in the recipe you are making.

  2. Turn the safety button on the lid handle clockwise to align with the arrow mark on the button with the "Open" indication of the cooker's console.

  3. Inspect the lid and the area around safety plug to be sure they are clean and clear of any blockages.

  4. Place the lid on top of the pot so that the line on the lid matches the line on the pot's left handle. (Make sure the gasket is inserted into the lid correctly.) Press the lid down gently while turning it clockwise until the lid handles are aligned with the body handles.

  5. Move the safety button counterclockwise to align the arrow with the "Close" indicator on the cooker's console.

  6. Place the pressure regulator onto the cooker with the steam outlet aligned with either the "I" (for eight psi) or the "II" (for 12 psi).

  7. Place your cooker on the stove burner that most closely matches the size of your cooker. Turn it to the highest setting. Do not leave your cooker unattended while it is achieving the desired pressure.

  8. Lower the heat enough to maintain a gentle hissing once the Visual Pressure Indicator (VPI) has risen above the console. Begin timing according to your recipe. When the time has elapsed, turn off the burner and remove the cooker from the stove by its handles using protective coverings as needed.

  9. Turn the safety button (Quick Release System - QRS) clockwise and allow the steam to escape. Your recipe may indicate that you should let the pressure return normally because the food continues to cook as the steam is released.

  10. Turn the safety button to "Open" when all of the steam has been released. Turn the lid counterclockwise and lift carefully away from your face as the steam will be very hot and could burn you.