What Is the Cost to Install Security Bars?

Security is important to peace of mind for many people. You want to provide a reasonable level of security without spending too much money. Having bars on your windows is a step above the average level of security, not just for safety and beauty reasons but because it does represent a significant extra cost. The average homeowner can afford to install security bars, but it is an investment for which you must consider the price.


Security bars can be installed to add safety to your home. Bars will help keep some burglars away and can lower home insurance costs. However, bars might also attract more thieves, curious about what is so important to be guarded by bars. Having these bars can also give you peace of mind.

One serious problem to keep in mind is that bars keep people in as well as out. In the case of a fire, small children or even adults may have trouble getting out of a barred window. Bars may also prevent rescue personnel from helping those trapped in a house. Some bars have locking mechanisms that can be opened for emergency situations, but they still can be difficult to open if you are confused in an emergency situation.


Security bars can be installed by DIYers for a reasonable cost per window. Bars can cost less than $100, or several hundred dollars or more, depending on the size of the window and the quality of the bars.

You can also hire a security company to install the bars for you. To bring any professional out to your house adds labor costs. It will most likely take several hours to install security bars and longer if you have many windows, so labor costs will be at least in the low hundreds plus the cost of materials.

The cost of anything will always depend on the quality and amount, but it's safe to estimate that fitting a whole house with security bars will cost more than $1,000. As always, doing it yourself will lower those costs and allow it to be done within your timeframe.

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