Instructions for Cleaning Wood Floors With Mineral Spirits

Cleaning a wood floor with mineral spirits is necessary during the steps of the refinishing process, to remove fine dust from the floor. Dirt and debris need to be completely removed before applying floor finish, such as polyurethane. Unlike water, mineral spirits will not darken or stain untreated wood.

Prepare Your Work Space

Prepare the area to be cleaned by sweeping and vacuuming the floor. Remove furniture that will be in the way, such as dining room chairs. Even though their removal is not vital, cleaning with mineral spirits is done with a towel or rag on your hands and knees. Therefore, the more work room you have, the easier it will be to work.

Safety Precatuions

Mineral spirits is flammable. Make sure there are no open flames or sparks in the work area. Open windows for good ventilation and wear a mask appropriate for filtering out gas.

Cleaning Technique

Dip a rag into a bucket of mineral spirits. Wring well. Wipe the floor in an overlapping circular pattern. Then finish by wiping with the grain. Pay special attention to getting into the cracks between the floor boards. A toothpick will aid in getting into tight spaces. Allow the floor to dry.

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