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How to Remove White Film on a Wood Floor

Samantha Volz

Wooden floors can be some of the most beautiful additions to your home, but they can also be the most difficult to clean. Many cleaners and polishers that remove dirt or grime can also leave a nasty white film on your floor, dulling the shine and ruining the look of your entire decor. Thankfully, this white film can be removed from your hardwood floors, returning the design of your home to its originally intended beauty.

  1. Spray Windex Original window cleaner onto a paper towel or soft cloth. Windex, as opposed to other window cleaners, is more likely to clean your floor without streaks. Wipe away the white film with Windex.

  2. Mix equal parts white vinegar and warm water into a bucket. Soak a cloth or mop in the cleaning solution and spread over the film. The vinegar will break down the film.

  3. Dry the vinegar and water solution with a clean towel. Don't allow water to dry on the surface of the wood, as with certain floors this will cause an even worse haze.

  4. Wash with Windex, vinegar and water or a cleaner recommended by the manufacturer of your floor in the future. White film is caused by using the wrong cleaner. Be sure you know what is right for your wooden floors before washing again.