Can I Add a Screen to My Garage Door Opening?

Naima Manal

Versatility now defines the function of every room in a house beyond its traditional purposes. The garage is no exception. No longer a place just to park the car, store tools and out-of-season household knickknacks, the garage has become a multipurpose, all-season room. It has become a place to lounge, exercise or work on projects any time of the year. Bring the outdoors into your garage and keep the bugs out by adding a screen to your garage door opening.

Basic Materials

Use 2-by-4 inch wood studs to build a frame for the screen. While narrower wood strips may give your screen the body it needs, the 2-by-4s will make your screen as sturdy as a wall. Purchase enough screen to cover the width and length of your garage door opening. Since the screen wire does not come in standard widths as wide as the garage door opening, plan to work with the width of the screen wire by evenly spacing the middle 2-by-4 studs. Even though these 2-by-4 studs will obstruct the view, their balanced positions within the screen frame will look like part of the design.

A staple gun, wood trim 1 to 2 inches wide, wood glue, compound miter saw, 2 ½- to 3-inch screws, drill, level and a pencil are the other tools and supplies you need to complete the project.

Building the Screen

Build a frame that fits tightly widthwise and lengthwise into the garage door opening. Measure and cut the 2-by-4s. Use the wood glue and screws to secure them together at the corners. Use the width of your screen to determine the positioning of the middle beams. Make sure all studs are level. Screw together and stretch the screen across the frame. The staple gun is used to hold the screen in place and taut so that all the edges and seams can be covered with the wood trim.

Decide How Your Door Will Close

Adding a screen to your garage door opening is easy if your garage has double doors that open outward. There will be no problem closing these doors with the screen in place. Solid tilt-up garage doors that lift up as one panel extend out too much to install a permanent screen in the garage door opening. Sectional garage doors that lift and roll up do not extend outward. A screen may be installed on the outer frame of the garage door opening. The screen, however, will block the handle and lock on the outside of the door and will prevent the garage from still being used for a car.

Portable or Permanent

While a permanent screen is an option for a garage that will not house a car, a portable garage door screen is the most functional option for your garage door opening. When it is summertime, just position the screen into place. When the garage is not in use as a multipurpose room, set the screen aside and use the garage for your vehicle.

Portability does not mean lightweight. By the time the frame is built to the exact width and length of the garage door opening and the middle support studs are added, the screen will weigh a few pounds. It will be a two-person job to position and secure your garage door screen into place.