DIY Recycle Bin Rack

Recycling bins are plastic, open-ended boxes that store recyclable goods until the recycling company comes by to pick them up.


The bins have small holes at the bottom to allow waste fluids to run out. Although this is a good concept to prevent old liquid from compiling, keeping the recycle bin on the floor of your garage just enables the liquid to collect on the floor. Building a DIY recycle bin rack is an excellent way to prevent this mess and keep floor space in the garage open. .

Choosing a location for the recycle bin rack is one of the most important steps in the building process. You want the rack placed in a location that is easily accessible and eliminates the distance you must walk from the rack to the garage opening to prevent leaking over the garage floor. If possible, you also want to avoid carrying the bin over your car to get it to the curb for pickup. Even if small droplets of waste liquid reach your car, they will be a pain to remove after they dry up and harden. Because glass is a recyclable object, carrying the bin over your car also increases the chance of a shard of glass reaching your vehicle. If a piece of glass in some liquid hardens on your car and you do not realize the shard is present, you risk scratching the paint, which can cost hundreds of dollars to repair.

Constructing the Rack

You can make a recycle bin rack out of basic shelving. When you consider the design for the shelf, include a large enough surface space to house a tray. This tray is intended to catch the waste fluids for you to dispose of after you bring the bin to the curb. Instead of placing the bin directly into the tray, you can place a wire rack over the top so as to keep the bottom out of the liquid. You can use a couple basic elements from a grocery store or baking supply store to make this tray. For instance, use a disposable foil tray or shallow cooking sheet as the bottom structure and a metal cooking rack for the top. The bin will sit on the rack and drain into container. Because you are encouraged to wash out your recyclables before placing them in the bin, you should only collect a minimal amount of fluid.

You can also hang your recycling bin from a shelf over a liquid receptacle. This method uses two ā€œLā€-shape structures that hold onto the lip of the bin. Although this method does not allow you to fill the container over the top with recyclables, it eliminates you having to lift the bin over your head to remove it from the shelf.