The Best Way to Protect Carpets & Furniture From Stains

Carpets and furniture get a lot of use and therefore have a high tendency to get dirty, which can ultimately leave behind stains. From grimy fingers to dirty shoes, just about anything can come into contact with the floors and the furniture. So it is important to take preventative measures to keep your home looking not only clean, but looking like new.

Safeguard Furniture

If you are buying new furniture, then you probably want to consider having it treated with a fabric protectant, which will help protect it from stains. It is sprayed directly onto the fabric, making it resistant to many spills and other types of fluids. It also makes stains from food, blood and ink come out without a lot of hassle. Typically all you need to clean up a spill from the fabric is a soft fabric cloth and water. Baby wipes also work well on furniture that has been protected. Most furniture companies offer some brand of furniture protection and can spray your furniture on-site. But if they do not offer this service there is also the option of buying it separately and applying it to your furniture at home. Please visit the resource below for product information.

Safeguard Carpets

Carpet should be professionally cleaned at least once every 18 months. One of the best cleaning processes involves carbonation and the action involved. Other processes involve steam and cleaning chemicals that are more detrimental to carpet than beneficial. Steam and extreme heat breaks down carpet backing. It cleans carpet well, but if the backing of the carpet degrades because of it, there is not benefit to this process. The carbonation process can include an additive that protects the carpet. This protectant is a natural, non-detergent product that makes the carpet easier to spot-clean in between professional cleanings. The carpet is also easier to clean as a whole the next time it is professionally cleaned. And the whole process revolves around the action of carbonation.

Other Helpful Ideas

To avoid stains on your carpets, lay vinyl floor runners down in high-traffic areas, such as hallways and stairs. Placing rugs throughout the house will also help to control stains. Sofa and chair slips are also available to help protect your furniture, which are especially beneficial for furniture in family rooms where it gets a lot of use or if you have pets. These slipcovers can also be easily removed and washed.