How Do I Clean Decorative Rock?

Suzanne Alicie

Decorative rock can be used in many different ways throughout the home and outside on the lawn. The durability of decorative rock makes it ideal for chimneys and fireplaces as well as retaining walls and outdoor walkways. Cleaning decorative rock can be done with a few basic products; only the method is different based upon where the decorative rock is located.

Indoor Decorative Rock

When it comes to cleaning decorative rock indoors, you want the method that creates the least amount of mess. Use a bucket of hot water, a basic cleaner like Pine-Sol and a scrub brush. It is the best basic cleaning method for indoor decorative rock. If you prefer to use natural cleansers, try mixing a few cups of vinegar with your hot water. Use a towel to dry the rock. This method will remove dust and built-up soil from the rock. This method can also be used on loose decorative rock within the home, such as small statues and figures made of rock. Dip the statue in the bucket of cleanser. Brush it off, and dry it with a towel.

Decorative Rock Walkways

Walkways and paths made of decorative rock will become dirty. To keep the beauty of your decorative rock walkways, it is important to clean them regularly. The best way to clean these areas is to wait for a hot sunny day. Use a push broom, water hose and basic detergent to clean and rinse the rock. Allow the sun to dry the area naturally. Before proceeding with cleaning the rock, it is important to remove any leaves and other debris from the walkway. Any organic materials left on the rocks could create stains.

Other Outdoor Decorative Rock

Retaining walls are often made of decorative rock. When the rock becomes dirty, the purpose of using decorative stone is defeated. Clean these areas with a scrub brush and detergent. Use a water hose to rinse them. This basic method of cleaning all types of decorative rock will not damage the rock nor create any staining or water marking.